Senindo Aero is a private owned company in Limassol, Cyprus - established in 2017.

With a team of high-level professionals & external partners Senindo Aero is committed to provide high quality aviation services for each contracted customer. Senindo Aero provides a wide range of supervision & aviation services and capabilities for aircraft operators – Commercial. Charter & Business Aviation flights.

Our Services



Senindo Aero conducts various research studies whether strategic or operational applying to aeronautics/aviation and ground handling (settlement, development, slot studies, strategy design in the fields of marketing, fares, positioning of products, seeking of partnerships, investments, etc.).



Our handling supervision includes all instant services or long term services, such as performed on handling, in the check-in and boarding area, or into the runway. Main liaison between the airlines and/or executive aviation operators and all involved partners, companies and authorities. Our range of supervision services includes all activities involving the monitoring of the whole process of the flight operating to/from the first place to the final destination.


Clearances and Rights.

Senindo Aero undertakes procurement of overflight clearances, landing clearances, slot rights, traffic rights, program modification rights, parking permission for any type of operation, of either short or long term, scheduled flight or charter, ad hoc or VIP, travel flight or cargo, etc.



Senindo Aero approach to attendance follow the Catering Program definition. Details as to the negotiation of fares and terms of payment are described in our operational manual.



Our range of services will comprise the scheduling, follow-up and checking of the services and invoices provided by the oil supplier in connection with your company’s air crew and « Operations » department.


Transfers and Accommodation.

Senindo Aero also carries out (through external partners) the transfer of your aircrews and takes care of their accommodation according to your guidelines (overnight stay, organization of the aircrew, etc.). Should a case of abnormality or any exploitation problem arise, Senindo Aero will in connection with your aircrew and “Operations” department undertake all appropriate measures to secure the transfer and accommodation of the aircrews and/or customers.



Senindo Aero suggests, directs and merchandises on behalf of the Partner, especially in South Europe, the availabilities or capacities offered in accordance with the labour and proceedings protocol as defined.